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Cruyff, Johan,

1947–2016, Dutch soccer player. He played forward (1964–73) for the Dutch League's Amsterdam Ajax team, assuming a key role in their six league championships, four Dutch Cups, and three European Cups. In 1973 he was traded to the Barcelona, became its captain, and led it to the 1974 Spanish League championship. Cruyff later (1979–81) played for several teams in the North American Soccer League and ended his playing career with Ajax in 1982. A three-time winner (1971, 1973–74) of the European footballer of the year title, he was known for his versatile and intelligent play and his advocacy of "total football," in which players constantly pass the ball, interchanging roles as the situation changes, a style that influenced the worldwide game. After retirement he coached at both Ajax and Barcelona. In 1999 he was named the best player in Europe in the 20th century.
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He has already acquired his pro licence but apart from a short managerial stop at Valletta in Malta in 2010, Cruyff jumped straight into the sporting director role.
Over recent weeks, Johan Cruyff has undergone various medical checkups at a hospital in Barcelona.
Cruyff is a legend in Spain after his spells as player and manager at Barcelona.
Cruyff, 68, will have more tests to determine the extent of the disease.
Cruyff had been diagnosed with the illness this week at a clinic in Barcelona and was having tests to determine the seriousness of his condition, according to the reports, which did not identify the source of the information.
Cruyff, who began his career with Dutch side Ajax, is considered one of the all-time great football players and his name will forever be linked with that side and Barcelona, who he played for between 1973 and 1978.
Balotelli recently made headlines for his late-night partying habits, but Dutch great Cruyff is not blaming the player himself.
Cruyff believes the 24-year-old is not "educated" sufficiently and so should not be included in the side.
Former Barcelona ace Koeman, who has worked under Cruyff, Louis van Gaal and Guus Hiddink, said: "It will be tough to repeat last season, but it's a nice challenge.
The Netherlands won with style, control and panache and Cruyff was at the centre of it.
John Collins admits he sat in awe of Johan Cruyff when the pair spent the day together at UEFA's golf outing at Wentworth last month.
BT and the Johan Cruyff Foundation, an international non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the mental and physical wellbeing of children and young people, today announce that the first Belgian Cruyff Court - providing a safe area for children to play - will open after the summer, in the city of Mechelen.