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security protocol

A sequence of operations that ensure protection of data. Used with a communications protocol, it provides secure delivery of data between two parties. The term generally refers to a suite of components that work in tandem (see below). For example, the 802.11i standard provides these functions for wireless LANs.

For the Web, SSL and TLS are widely used to provide authentication and encryption in order to send sensitive data such as credit card numbers to a vendor. Following are the primary components of a security protocol. See cryptography, information security, HTTPS, SSL, TLS, PCT and IPsec.

Access Control
Authenticates user identity. Authorizes access to specific resources based on permissions level and policies. See access control and authentication.

Encryption Algorithm
The cryptographic cipher combined with various methods for encrypting the text. See encryption algorithm.

Key Management
Create, distribute and maintain the keys. See key management.

Message Integrity
Ensures that the encrypted message has not been tampered with. See message integrity.
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0 cryptographic protocol has a major security flaw.
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a cryptographic protocol which is designed to provide communication security over the Internet.
Yahoo's delay in providinga Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connectionfor email sessions has been criticised by privacy groups that argue the cryptographic protocol help prevent hackers from reading messages sent over a Wi-Fi network.
Quantum systems provide a level of security far exceeding that of any cryptographic protocol currently known, experts say.
This volume presents 22 papers drawn from those sessions, addressing such topics as minimal message complexity of asynchronous multi-party contract signing, tight enforcement of information-release policies for dynamic languages, securing timeout instructions in web applications, cryptographic protocol synthesis and verification for multiparty sessions, specification and analysis of dynamic authorization policies, policy compliance in collaborative systems, expressive power of definitive clauses for verifying authenticity, and universally composable symmetric encryption.
However, SSL/TLS should be interacting with a server running a cryptographic protocol such as HTTPS to ensure that passwords are properly protected.
Originally, cryptographic protocol problems would begin: "A communicates with someone who claims to be B" To make them more user-friendly, teachers re-named A and Bo, Alice and Bob.
In their demonstration, Using HASH-based message-authentication-code protocol to reduce web application attack surface, Trustwave SpiderLabs' Security Researcher, Breno Pinto, and Director of Trustwave SpiderLabs Latin America, Luiz Eduardo Dos Santos, will show a cryptographic protocol to be implemented in a Web Application Firewall in order to reduce the attack surface with minimum impact to the users and zero changes on the Web application itself.
The creation as well as transfer of Bitcoin is based on an open source cryptographic protocol.
M-Pin is the only open source authentication solution that removes the threat vulnerability of username / passwords at the client and server level and replaces it with two-factor authentication based on a strong cryptographic protocol built for tomorrow's internet.
Our aim is to produce the first verified open source cryptographic protocol library and the first web applications with formal proofs of security.
He is a well-known researcher in wireless security and his skills range from cryptographic protocol design to the implementation of security policies and the business and legal ramifications of digital signatures.

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