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The software has been developed in conjunction with several leading companies from industries where crystallization processes - including precipitation - play an integral part, such as pharmaceuticals, fine and bulk chemicals, agrochemicals, food processing, consumer goods and minerals and mining.
Virtually all natural emeralds contain fractures and other flaws as a result of the geological and crystallization processes which form them.
This ready reference and handbook draws on the experience and expertise of a large group of experts in the various areas of industrial crystallization processes, capturing the essence of current trends, the markets, design tools and technologies in this key field.
It seems reasonable to think that if the crystallization processes al different temperatures change the instantaneous crystallization in 2D or 3D, a change in the morphology should be expected.
It is the first text devoted to the role of additives in different crystallization processes encountered in the lab, nature and in industries as diverse as pharmaceuticals, food and biofuels.
By introducing LCB into isotactic polypropylene (iPP), the crystallization processes were greatly accelerated, and the transfer of chain segments from the melt to the crystal growth surface was restrained (34).
Following an introduction reviewing igneous nomenclature, each chapter addresses a specific compositional category of magmatic rocks, covering definition, mineralogy, eruption/ emplacement processes, textures and crystallization processes, geotectonic distribution, geochemistry, and aspects of magma genesis.
Figure 7 schematically shows the crystallization processes via homogeneous and heterogeneous nucleation.