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a cylindrical roll of cured tobacco leaves, for smoking

What does it mean when you dream about a cigar?

A psychoanalytic symbol for the male organ, though when Freud was once asked about his cigar, he famously responded that “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” Smokers tend to associate anxiety and/or relaxation with cigarettes.

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Cuban cigar executives said smokers in China, the Middle East, Russia and Brazil helped overcome declining sales in economically troubled Spain and Greece.
BEIRUT: Following a grueling and longer than expected trip from Britain to Gaza to deliver aid, British MP George Galloway cuts a somnolent figure as he puffs on a Cuban cigar in the lobby of the Bristol Hotel in West Beirut.
Asked to confirm it was a banned Cuban cigar, an aide said: "There's no way of telling now because he smoked it.
The once hot-selling Cuban cigar portfolio has been replaced with popular non-Cuban cigars, including brands such as Padron and Perdomo, as well as more niche brands, like the Senor Solomon Kosher cigar line.
Washington's 50-year-old embargo against Cuba, which bans the sale of Cuban cigars in the United States, has been an undisputed bonanza for the neighboring Dominican Republic.
The skills of the Cuban cigar makers are second to none.
On a single evening in Vancouver, a visitor can enjoy a French dinner, listen to American Deep South blues while sipping Canadian beer and smoking a Cuban cigar, then ride with a Punjabi cabbie back to the deferential British comfort of a room at the Hotel Vancouver.
And if current prohibitions about not bringing anything back from Cuba continue, there would be even more reason to enjoy these Cuban cigar lounges while on the island.
There was an authentic Cuban cigar roller, and complimentary family portraits by Annette Jenkins (a locally well known portrait artist), and Paige Benigno from Society Paige Hats, who was just written about in the press for her marvelous hats.
brand is launching the Dominican brand, their second version is the Cuban cigar blend for Canada (yes, Cuban cigars are legal in Canada) and will be introduced to the Canadian Cigar Dolls which is domiciled in British Columbia.
The Golden Leaf: How Tobacco Shaped Cuba and the Atlantic World offers a very different approach to Cuban commodities in general and the Cuban cigar in particular, arguing that Cuba's colonial tobacco farmers weren't just a poor lot, but a diverse group of both slaves and free men and women who were producers and harvesters and whose efforts created an industry that remains famous and powerful to this day.
So, does the Cuban cigar actually enhance longevity?