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A jointed and usually hollow grass stem.
The solid stem of certain monocotyledons, such as the sedges.
(mining engineering)
Fine, refuse coal, screened and separated from larger pieces.



the cylindrical, usually hollow stem of a cereal grass. A culm is somewhat distended at the nodes, that is, at the site of leaf attachment. In some cereal grasses, for example, corn, the stalks are solid. The arrangement of the vascular bundles and mechanical tissues along the periphery of the culm imparts great resilience.

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The vascular bundles near inner part are almost circular while they are more of elliptical shape near the outer part of the culm wall.
In the first decades after the dredging, until the end of the 1970s, the reed migration strategy was characterized by a rapid formation of numerous small reed culms emerging far from the boundary of dense reed, specifically along the dredged channels and in shallow parts of Matsalu Bay.
In the greenhouse, the 'RB867515' sugarcane culms were reproduced vegetatively on polyethylene trays (28 cm x 42 cm x 7.
cavities were observed in Eleocharis plantaginea culm by Schilling
In the process of reclaiming land now covered by acres of Anthracite culm piles and silt ponds, the WMPI project would create some 1,000 construction jobs, 150 permanent jobs and 600 support jobs in the heart of an area that suffers from some of the state's highest unemployment.
WMPI) project will gasify and liquify Pennsylvania Anthracite culm and silt into a zero-sulfur, low particulate, high energy diesel fuel.
It can produce harvestable culms within 4-7 years of planting, which can subsequently be harvested annually for timber.
The couple then opened the Culm Valley Integrated Centre for Health where they met practitioners, patients and staff, and unveiled a commemorative plaque.
Bamboos mainly consist of the roots, culm and leaves.
The air quality plan approval allows the company to use 105 tons of anthracite culm and other approved fuels, such as paper and wood, per hour as fuel.
The samples were separated into inner culm, outer culm and nodes, and tested for starch and sugar concentration.
Calculated annually by EIA by dividing the sum of the total heat content of coal (including some anthracite culm and, for 2001 forward, bituminous refuse) produced by the sum of the total tonnage.