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in cinema and the performing arts, a large-scale program of artistic works or performances. The first festivals were devoted to music and took place in Great Britain in the early 18th century. International festivals appeared in the 20th century. Of great importance in the struggle for peace are the World Festivals of Youth and Students.

Nanakusa Matsuri (Seven Herbs or Grasses Festival)

January 7
A Japanese ceremony dating back to the ninth century, also called Wakana-setsu or " Festival of Young Herbs," or Jin-jitsu " Man Day " because it occurs on the zodiacal day for "man." After an offering to the clan deity in the morning, participants partake of nanakusa gayu, a rice gruel seasoned with seven different herbs that is said to have been served for its medicinal value to the young prince of the Emperor Saga (ruled 810-824). The herbs are shepherd's-purse, chickweed, parsley, cottonweed, radish, as well as herbs known as hotoke-no-za and aona in Japanese.
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The cultural festival was organized by Deberapara Bihu Committee, the All Assam Tea Tribe Students' Union (AATTSU) and the Deberapara Police Outpost.
The Kona Coffee Cultural Festival is planning to use the proceeds to promote Kona coffee through national and international media to regain consumer confidence.
For reservations or more information about the Global Business Breakfast Series or other International Cultural Festival activities, call The Ritz-Carlton, Dearborn at 313-441-2100.
The Chief Minister said that people of both the countries have an opportunity to come closer on the platform of Pak-Turk Businessmen Association through holding of a cultural festival in Lahore and cultural contacts will be further promoted at people level through socialization.
To come up with this idea to organise the cultural festival not only including the Nagas but also the non-Naga community, I think this is the right step and festivals such as this will build up more communal ties and better relationship among the Nagas and the non-Nagas," said Panti Kamei, a participant at the Naga Council Festival.
KUWAIT, Jan 4 (KUNA) -- Standing the test of time, the Qurain Cultural Festival proved itself as the premier cultural event in Kuwait which is entering its 21st incarnation this year.
ISLAMABAD, April 17, 2011 (Balochistan Times): The International Islamic University Islamabad will hold 23rd cultural festival at Faisal Masjid Campus from April 18 to 20.
Ranchi, Oct 10 (ANI): Tribal men and women near Ranchi recently celebrated their annual cultural festival with pomp and gaiety.
CALABASAS - The blistering rhythms of flamenco music and dance opened the third annual Calabasas Cultural Festival on Saturday at the Leonis Adobe Museum, where hundreds had gathered to help celebrate the city's rich past.
EuroGames Utrecht 2005 will embody major events: a four-day sports competition programme, a one-week cultural festival, and other festivities.
KUWAIT, Sept 4 (KUNA) -- The National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters (NCCAL) on Thursday wound up the Ninth Summer Cultural Festival with a traditional musical soiree performed by the Kuwait TV Troupe on theater of Kuwait National Museum .
Kuwait's National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters (NCCAL) is currently holding its sixth summer cultural festival 'Saifi Thaqafi', including plays, among other activities targeting youngsters.

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