test tube

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test tube

1. a cylindrical round-bottomed glass tube open at one end: used in scientific experiments
2. made synthetically in, or as if in, a test tube

Test Tube


a tube, usually made of glass, that is sealed at one end; a type of chemical laboratory vessel. Test tubes are used when working with small quantities of a substance.

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A) Example of in vitro medium with Xyleborus glabratus galleries after removal from the glass culture tube.
The number of synchronous mortalities was plotted as a percent of the remaining population using the equation: number of cleaned tests from dead individuals/total number of individuals alive and dead remaining in the culture tube.
Container 10 was a borosilicate culture tube, and container 11 was a 7.
Also on April 10, 2001, Apogent Technologies announced the acquisition of the disposable culture tube (DCT) business of Kimble Glass Inc.
After slicing, the top fractions were transferred to either 12 X 75 mm glass culture tubes (1-mL method) or analyzer cups (0.
01 mg/L stock solutions were used to supplement four 16 x 100 mm silanized screw-top culture tubes that had been previously supplemented with 50 ng of internal calibrator, with each of the following amounts of buprenorphine: 50,10, 2, and 0.
After a few hours of lecture plus hands-on experience--inoculating and examining tissue culture tubes and confirming the presence of the virus by direct staining methods--we knew that with practice we could reliably detect and report these very common viral agents.
1% sodium hypochlorite (Whittier, 1964), suspended in sterile water and sown on 12 ml of nutrient medium in culture tubes (20 x 125 mm) with screw caps that were tightened after inoculation.
These different types of explants were transferred separately and individually in culture tubes containing 20 ml of MS solidified medium [21] mixed with or without growth regulators.
Quantitative activities of bacteriocin extracts from culture samples of the three LAB under investigation were estimated by using a photometric assay on culture tubes [14] (Cabo et al.
The company published an outstanding collection of colored photographs from bacterial culture tubes to fetal mice, covering most microbiology sub-categories in Schneierson's Atlas of Diagnostic Microbiology (9th edition by 1984).
Fifteen culture tubes were used per sample; five tubes contained 10 ml double strength and the remaining ten contained 5 ml single strength MacConkey broth (Oxoid CM5a) with inverted Durham tubes.

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