test tube

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test tube

1. a cylindrical round-bottomed glass tube open at one end: used in scientific experiments
2. made synthetically in, or as if in, a test tube

Test Tube


a tube, usually made of glass, that is sealed at one end; a type of chemical laboratory vessel. Test tubes are used when working with small quantities of a substance.

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The modified medium had to be packed rather than poured into culture tubes before autoclaving because of its more solid consistency.
An ANOVA analysis was performed on pooled data from all culture tubes for each of the sampling periods to determine if data varied significantly between collection dates.
All culture tubes were maintained at 37[degrees] C for 6 days to promote biofilm formation.
Disposable culture tubes are used in a variety of general laboratory applications, particularly in blood collection, blood banking, urinalysis, and certain cell culture procedures.
25 Top fraction, [micro]L NA 400 Bottom fraction, [micro]L NA 600 Top transfer/wash Transfer top to: 5-mL volumetric 12 X 75 mm flask culture tube Wash, (b) [micro]L ~750 300 Wash, [micro]L ~750 300 Resuspend pellet Transfer bottom to: 5-mL volumetric 12 X 75 mm culture tube Wash, [micro]L ~750 400 Wash, [micro]L ~750 Bring to volume Analyze directly and analyze Total time to analvsis 2.
coli are mixed directly in the culture tube, transconjugants are observed in as little as 2 h (and might be apparent even earlier if more frequent time points had been taken).
Later, mature gametophytes were transferred from the culture tubes to petri plates with 50 ml of nutrient medium containing 0.
The culture tubes were then placed in incubator at 25 [degrees]C under 16-hours light of 1000 lux using fluorescent lamps.
The samples, which were in 16 X 100 mm borosilicate glass culture tubes, were vortex-mixed and incubated for 30 min at room temperature to equilibrate.
Bob Munzer, President of Chase, said, "becoming part of the Erie group of companies will result in rapid growth for Chase as we will immediately become a supplier of significant quantities of vials, ampoules, and disposable culture tubes to various Erie subsidiaries.
01 mg/L stock solutions were used to supplement four 16 x 100 mm silanized screw-top culture tubes that had been previously supplemented with 50 ng of internal calibrator, with each of the following amounts of buprenorphine: 50,10, 2, and 0.
Sterile products consist of petri dishes, specimen containers and culture tubes.

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