Cumberland Gap National Historical Park

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Cumberland Gap National Historical Park

Address:US Hwy 25E S
PO Box 1848
Middlesboro, KY 40965

Size: 20,512 acres.
Established: Authorized on June 11, 1940.
Location:Includes sections in southeastern Kentucky, northeastern Tennessee, and southwestern Virginia. Accessible via US 25E from Kentucky and Tennessee or US 58 from Virginia.
Facilities:Campground (é), picnic area, rest rooms (é), visitor center (é), museum/exhibit, trails (70 miles).
Activities:Camping, hiking, wildlife viewing, interpretive programs.
Special Features:This mountain pass on the Wilderness Road, explored by Daniel Boone, developed into a main artery of the great trans-Allegheny migration for settlement of "the Old West" and an important military objective in the Civil War.

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A portion of the Cumberland Trail will eventually pass 280 miles through the state along the plateau, from Cumberland Gap National Historical Park south to Signal Mountain above Chattanooga.
They stand at the Pinnacle, a 2,440-foot-high overlook in Cumberland Gap National Historical Park above the old Wilderness Road, and look west into Kentucky and Tennessee, the land that held such promise for early Americans.
NPCA, the Park Service, and the community of Middleboro have filed legal objections to a proposed coal mine in the Fern Lake drainage on the border of Cumberland Gap National Historical Park.
Conversely, at Cumberland Gap National Historical Park in Kentucky, the Park Service may soon get the chance to remove a road that detracts from the cultural landscape.

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