Cumberland Presbyterian Church

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Cumberland Presbyterian Church,

branch of the Presbyterian Church in the United States founded in 1810. In 1906 many of its congregations were united with the main body of the church. It began as a revival movement in the "Cumberland country," a newly settled region of Kentucky and Tennessee. The Cumberland Presbyterian Church has about 88,000 members (1997). In 1869 the 20,000 black members of the pre–Civil War church began to organize a separate church, the Colored Cumberland Presbyterian Church, now called the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America.
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Founded in 1849 by the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Waynesburg University is located on a traditional campus in the hills of southwestern Pennsylvania, with three additional sites located in the Pittsburgh region.
On November 14, 1875, a calm sabbath evening, the General walked into the Court Street Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Mrs.
Claude Williams, a white native of Tennessee, began life as a conventional Cumberland Presbyterian.
The ecumenical endeavor involves five North American denominations: the PCC, PC(USA), Moravian Church in America, Reformed Church in America and Cumberland Presbyterian Church.
Cumberland / Second Cumberland Presbyterian Churches (USA)
The issue of including hymns in The Worshipbook, the need for contemporary language, and the challenge of working with the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, the United Church of Christ, the Reformed Church in America, the Consultation on Church Union, and the Roman Catholic Church (with the occurrence of Vatican II)--all affected the Joint Committee on Worship.
of Churches Attendance in 1996 Independent (no denominational 55 9,050 affiliation) Southern Baptist Convention 23 2,110 Christian and Missionary Alliance 8 2,075 Presbyterian Church USA 10 1,060 Cumberland Presbyterian Church 3 925 United Methodist Church 7 705 Chinese for Christ 2 670 American Baptist Churches USA 5 600 Evangelical Free Church 2 495 Lutheran Missouri Synod 4 430 Christian Reformed Church in 2 390 North America Salvation Army 4 370 Vineyard Christian Fellowship 4 345 Episcopal Church 6 280 Seventh Day Adventists 4 250 United Church of Christ 2 235 Assemblies of God 1 220 Evangelical Lutheran Church 3 205 Reformed Church of America 1 180 Evangelical Missionary and Seminary 2 175 International, Inc.
Perhaps this continued resistance to organizing authorities, particularly those affiliated with both county government and missionary outreach, is why census takers in 1850 found seven Baptist churches scattered around the county, clearly the strongest showing of any denomination, but only one Baptist minister, one Methodist minister (but no Methodist church), four Christian ministers (but only two churches), and one minister for the central Cumberland Presbyterian church.
It was established in 1856 by the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, and it quickly became a nexus for debate about the impending Civil War.
The Methodist Chapel, built in 1871 as the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, will showcase music in a setting of beautiful stained glass windows with excellent acoustics.
When the Presbyterian Church (USA) and the Cumberland Presbyterian Church adopted and published a revised Book of Common Worship in 1993, an editorial introduction approached the lyrical in its discernment of recent progress towards Christian unity through liturgical agreement:
In addition to the 212th General Assembly's overtures to the Episcopal and Moravian Churches, it also agreed to enter church-to-church conversations with the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America.

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