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(organic chemistry)
C6H5CH(CH3)2 A colorless, oily benzenoid hydrocarbon cooling at 152.4°C; used as an additive for high-octane motor fuel.



(also isopropylbenzene), C6H5CH(CH3)2, a colorless liquid with a pleasant odor. Melting point, —96.03°C; boiling point, 152.39°C; density, 0.8618 g/cm3 (at 20°C); and refractive index, nD20, 1.4913.

Cumene is readily soluble in organic solvents and poorly soluble in water. It forms explosive vapor-air mixtures (flash point, 38°C). Internal introduction of cumene leads to acute and chronic damage of the hematopoietic organs. Cumene is obtained by vapor-phase (in the presence of phosphoric acid) or liquid-phase (in the presence of AlCl3) alkylation of benzene by propylene. Cumene is used as a solvent and a high-octane additive to aviation gasolines; it is also used in the production of phenol and acetone.

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Demand for propylene is analyzed in detail split by the applications polypropylene, propylene oxide, acrylonitrile, butyraldehyde, cumene, acrylic acid and other applications.
Mark Healey, president of Badger, said: "Rabigh Phase II is an impressive project in the growing petrochemical industry in the Middle East, and Badger's proven cumene technology will enable it to achieve a low cost of ownership by leveraging long catalyst cycles and high operational reliability.
The conversions and cumene selectivity are defined in the following terms:
Herdilia, having a new 100,000 t/y phenol plant at Dahej in the Indian province of Gujarat, lifts some cumene as well.
In addition to the analytical part, the report provides a range of tables and figures which all together give a true insight into the national, regional and global markets for Cumene.
Ceresana expects Chinese propylene demand in the production of cumene to rise at double-digit growth rates in the next eight years.
Contract Awarded for Provide technology services for its new grassroots cumene plant in Shanghai, China
The CP-1 contract package, which is being carried out by Daelim's Plant Business division, involves the building of a plant to produce phenol and acetone using cumene as raw material.
The 2005 World Light Olefins Analysis includes detailed supply/demand balances for ethylene and propylene for the 21 major producing countries; more than 25 additional countries, plus extensive regional summaries; production capacities of all ethylene and propylene products, by company and location, both historical and planned for the future; production capacities of the 22 major light olefin derivatives; demand for light olefins into the major derivatives, including polyethylene, polypropylene, ethylene oxide, ethylene, dichloride, acrylonitrile and cumene, detailed by country; ethylene and propylene capacity balances for individual countries, detailed by company and region; long term price and margin forecasts for the U.
This Saudi private venture, together with Phenolchemie of Germany, Herdilia Chemicals of India and other investors is having a 260,000 t/y cumene plant under construction in Yanbu'.