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Alex Orr, Edinburgh IN the letter from Richard Leonard of the Keir Hardie Society, he failed to mention that at a meeting in Glasgow in August 1888, the Scottish Labour Party (not the same as the modern party) was formed by Keir Hardie and Robert Cunninghame Graham.
Hardie became the party's first secretary while Cunninghame Graham was the first president.
The most direct homage to Whistler in the Glasgow exhibition was Lavery's 1893 portrait of that colourful buccaneer Cunninghame Graham, but the Boys' familiarity with Whistler's work dates from the early 1880s.
In 1888 the Socialist MP Robert Cunninghame Graham was suspended after the first recorded use of the word "damn" in the Commons Chamber.
Cunninghame Graham dated January 31, 1898, approximately one year before Conrad completed the novella, Conrad says: "There is no morality, no knowledge and no hope; there is only the consciousness of ourselves which drives us about a world that whether seen in a convex or a concave mirror is always but a vain and fleeting appearance" (1969, 71).
Bloody Niggers," Selected Writings of Cunninghame Graham.
Set in Gartmore House, former seat of the Cunninghame Graham family, St Ninian's was the most expensive List D school to run.
There are vivid portraits of contemporaries and of lesser-known near-contemporaries -- of John Maclean and Jimmy Maxton, of 'King John' MacCormick, of Roland Eugene Muirhead, of Don Roberto Cunninghame Graham, and, not least, of the poet Hugh MacDiarmid, to name but a few.
The man with whom he founded the Scottish Labour Party, RB Cunninghame Graham, went on to set up the National Party of Scotland, which later became the Scottish National Party.
Set in the faded splendour of Gartmore house, former seat of the Cunninghame Graham family, St Ninian's was the most expensive List D school to run.
WHEN lists of the greatest Scots are compiled, William Wallace, Robert Burns and John Logie Baird rise to the top - few people have heard of Robert Bontine Cunninghame Graham.
But, while Hardie was elected under the Labour banner in 1892, Cunninghame Graham was defeated, ending his Parliamentary career.