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Description : The project is to afforest 14,100 ha of Cunninghamia Lanceolata, 5,800 ha of conifer and 400 ha of fructus gardeniae in yhe Poyang Lake basin of Jianxi province.
Mechanical properties assessment of Cunninghamia lanceolate plantation wood with three acoustic-based nondestructive methods.
Cone and ovule development in Cunninghamia and Taiwania (Cupressacese sensu lato) and its significance for conifer evolution.
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hsienmu Chun et How Schim a superba Cunninghamia lanceo- Gardner & Champ.
Reported data include algae (Betryococcos braunii, Dunaliellu ferriolecta, Microcystis viridis); oriental beech and spruce, ailanthus, northern poplar, birch, and oak, reed (Phragmites australis), tea waste, wheat and rye straw, corncob, olive husk, hazelnut shells, hazelnut seedcoat, corn stover, tobacco stalk, tobacco leaves, sunflower stalk, unhusked rice, wastes from oil-palm, cotton, and banana plantations, Cunninghamia lanceolata, polysaccharides, Verbascum stalk, cotton plant and cotton gin, proteins, garbage, sugar cane bagasse, pine and spruce needles, and many others [2, 23-42].
Eight years after planting 12-inch saplings, trees like the Cunninghamia konishii from Taiwan is now 15ft tall.
Chamaecyparis and Cunninghamia are represented by one taxon each.
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