the Curragh

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Curragh, the

(kûr`əkh), undulating plain or common, 4,885 acres (1,977 hectares), Co. Kildare, E Republic of Ireland. It has been a military camp since 1646. The Curragh racecourse is Ireland's most famous horse-racing center. The region gave its name to the Curragh Incident or "Mutiny," in which many British army officers resigned (Mar., 1914) in an attempt to avoid possible operations in Ulster to enforce Home RuleHome Rule,
in Irish and English history, political slogan adopted by Irish nationalists in the 19th cent. to describe their objective of self-government for Ireland. Origins of the Home Rule Movement
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With all four of Aidan O'Brien's Epsom Derby winners in the Irish Derby picture - the Ballydoyle trainer has a staggering 22 entries in the race from a total of 48 - and Native Khan, fifth at Epsom, also heading for the Curragh, the participation of Carlton House would make the race a more appealing one and a contest in which many questions raised by events at Epsom would be answered.
Curragh, the terminal's user, performed the site cleanup and began the renovations.
During his stint in charge at The Curragh, the racecourse has made significant progress in terms of amenities and attendance figures.