Current Density

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Current density

A vector quantity equal in magnitude to the instantaneous rate of flow of electric charge, perpendicular to a chosen surface, per unit area per unit time. If a wire of cross-sectional area A carries a current I, the current density J is I/A. The units of J in the rationalized meter-kilogram-second system are amperes per square meter.

Current Density


a vector quantity whose magnitude is equal to the electric charge flowing per unit time per unit area, where the area is perpendicular to the direction of motion of the charge. If the charge density (the charge per unit volume) is equal to ρ, then the current density is j = ρv, where v is the average velocity of the ordered flow of the charges. When the distribution of the current density is uniform over the cross section of the conductor, the current I is equal to jS, where S is the cross-sectional area of the conductor.

current density

[′kər·ənt ‚den·səd·ē]
The current per unit cross-sectional area of a conductor; a specialization of the physics definition. Also known as electric current density.
A vector quantity whose component perpendicular to any surface equals the rate of flow of some conserved, indestructible quantity across that surface per unit area per unit time. Also known as current.
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The current density was thus shown to be a significant parameter in the electrodeionization process, and higher current densities could be considered for higher yields.
These models allow us to predict the current path through a geometrically complex and non-homogenous system, and to determine what percentage of the heart has reached the critical current density level for defibrillation," said Lindeman.
94 wt%, stoichiometric TEA, and various volume ratios of precipitant (ethanol) and solvent (DMF) were prepared and then were electrolyzed onto the carbon fibers at an applied current density of 50 mA/g fibers [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE 1 OMITTED] for 30 min.
The corrosion current density (icon-) for the particular specimens was determined by extrapolating the anodic and cathodic Tafel slopes.
These have a larger volume, meaning more copper is required for filling, and the plating time for a current density of 1.
The optimal parameter value for the current density, the agitation level of the bath electrolyte, the particle diamond size to obtain a maximum of Vickers hardness at chemical composition is specified in the following: i = 1.
This translates to an active area continuous current density of 45mA/cm2.
Buckyball compounds may also surpass their competitors in terms of critical current density, or the amount of current the superconductor can carry before losing zero resistance.
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The new 100V FastIRFET device structure offers a twenty percent (20%) improvement in avalanche current density to deliver the industry s most robust solution for DC-DC telecom power supplies, said David Schroeder, Executive Director, IR s Power Management Devices Business Unit.
The experimental results show that the microhardness of the codeposited coating increases with increasing current density and attains a maximum at the SiC concentration of 6 g/L.