Current Limiter

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current limiter

[′kər·ənt ‚lim·əd·ər]
A device that restricts the flow of current to a certain amount, regardless of applied voltage. Also known as demand limiter.

Limiter, Current


(short-circuit current limiter), a device that prevents an increase of the short-circuit current in an electric circuit above permissible or specified amplitudes or effective values. A short-circuit current limiter can reduce the thermal and dynamic stability requirements for electric power transmission. In networks with voltages up to 35 kilovolts, the short-circuit current is limited by means of choke coils and, less frequently, fuses using a fine-grained filler or of the explosive type.

In the early 1970’s, both low-voltage and high-voltage lines were equipped with current limiters having thyristor switches, linear and nonlinear choke coils shunted by high-speed semiconductor switches, and nonlinear choke coils with magnetic biasing.

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It can be seen that the circuit of the active current limiter holds the transistor in the linear region for the time necessary so that the parasitic capacitance is discharged; limiting the current through it to the value defined in (9), in this case a value very close to 8 A.
Superconducting Fault Current Limiter (SFCL) dominates the global market:
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Powerful plants for renewable energies (EEG plants) must be connected to the grid via efficient fault current limiters to protect the electric components," said Jurgen Volkel, technical director of Stadtwerke Augsburg.
Meanwhile, on the opposite coast, a spokesman for Southern California Edison says the company is waiting for a fault current limiter from SC Power Systems of San Mateo, Calif.
This is the way in which the three-phase fault current limiter shown in Figure 1 operates.
The thin-film element was used as a fault current limiter, which restricted fault current of the power lines when a short circuit occurred.
In practice, the Onkyo will readily drive lower impedance loads until the internal current limiter (an advanced limiter with no analog foldback circuits) trips the relays and disconnects the speakers from the amplifiers.
Twelve, 24, and 36 volts DC and 220 volts AC are offered with a full line of optional accessories, switch plates, and current limiter circuit boards.
In developing the PDJack connector, Molex partnered with Microsemi[TM] and used their PD controller PD70200, which meets all power device standards including detection, classification, integrated isolation switch with inrush current limiter and over-current protection, and two events classifications for PoE plus power.

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