Current Meter

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current meter

[′kər·ənt ‚mēd·ər]

Current Meter


an instrument for measuring the velocity of flowing water. The instrument’s action is based on the relation between the velocity of the flowing water and the number of rotations of the cups or vanes that are placed in the moving current. The number of revolutions made by the cups or vanes is transmitted by an electrical signalling system to an observer or is registered on a mechanical meter attached to the body of the instrument. There are many different models of current meters; some measure the velocity and the direction of the water flow, and others measure the magnitude of the projection of the velocity of the current on the direction of the axis of the current meter (component current meters). The relation between the number of rotations and the velocity of the water is fixed for each current meter by calibration. A current meter is useful for measuring the velocities of flow from 0.03 to 10-12 m/sec.

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With a super node, many other nodes will need to be guarded and that will place a low-impedance and possibly highly capacitive load on the summing junction of the current meter.
We therefore conclude that current camera videos analyzed by our algorithm are an effective current meter for measuring flow experienced by T.
In the new measure, the import duties were abolished on four groups of goods - chemicals, electric current meters, thermometers and manometers - were abolished; reduced to 5% on 215 groups such as decorative fish, organic compounds, tires, cotton yarn and hand tools; to 10% on 550 groups including paint and varnish, cosmetics, gold (not coins), platinum, zinc plates, electric equipment, watches and pens; to 15% on 456 groups such as handgloves, wire nails and toys; to 20% on 40 groups such as profile steel, iron, door and window shutters and to 25% on four other groups including profile steel I and H, and wire cord.
An ideal serial shunt configuration ensures that nothing is switched out of the shunt path when the current meter range changes are made.
The polypropylene or nylon mooring line between the buoy and the anchor supported current meters at variable intervals from the near surface to the bottom.
compared ocean currents, measured with a moored current meter, with 10- to 100-day wind cycles in the North Pacific derived from previously collected data.
Tenders are invited for Niq for repairing, servicing and re-rating/ calibration of cup type current meter under mgd-2, lucknow
The Vishay Dale WSMS5515 Power Metal Strip([R]) meter shunt resistor features a proprietary processing technique that produces very low resistance values from 100 to 500 micro-ohms, which provide increased accuracy in current meter shunt applications for industrial and residential electronic power meters.
The front panel of the T982 has an bright, two-digit current meter display that can be read from up to 20 feet away.
Tenders are invited for Design, manufacture, testing and supply of Single Phase, 2 Wire type, suitable for connection to LT 240 Volt system 5-30 Amps, Static Whole Current Meter, accuracy class of 1.