Current Meter

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current meter

[′kər·ənt ‚mēd·ər]

Current Meter


an instrument for measuring the velocity of flowing water. The instrument’s action is based on the relation between the velocity of the flowing water and the number of rotations of the cups or vanes that are placed in the moving current. The number of revolutions made by the cups or vanes is transmitted by an electrical signalling system to an observer or is registered on a mechanical meter attached to the body of the instrument. There are many different models of current meters; some measure the velocity and the direction of the water flow, and others measure the magnitude of the projection of the velocity of the current on the direction of the axis of the current meter (component current meters). The relation between the number of rotations and the velocity of the water is fixed for each current meter by calibration. A current meter is useful for measuring the velocities of flow from 0.03 to 10-12 m/sec.

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The results show how the accuracy of the portable current meter and the watt meters was affected by the harmonic distortion created by the VFD drive.
In the new measure, the import duties were abolished on four groups of goods - chemicals, electric current meters, thermometers and manometers - were abolished; reduced to 5% on 215 groups such as decorative fish, organic compounds, tires, cotton yarn and hand tools; to 10% on 550 groups including paint and varnish, cosmetics, gold (not coins), platinum, zinc plates, electric equipment, watches and pens; to 15% on 456 groups such as handgloves, wire nails and toys; to 20% on 40 groups such as profile steel, iron, door and window shutters and to 25% on four other groups including profile steel I and H, and wire cord.
HAVING been notified that our electricity charges were about to rise in one letter, I noticed that the current meter reading they were using for my electricity bill, in another letter, indicated that I had only used just under half of what I had actually used during the last quarter.
The front panel of the T982 has an ultra-bright current meter display that shows the total current draw of all connected devices to help prevent system overload problems and make load monitoring easier.
compared ocean currents, measured with a moored current meter, with 10- to 100-day wind cycles in the North Pacific derived from previously collected data.
In operation, these instruments can act as a voltage source, a current source, a voltage meter, a current meter, and an ohmmeter.
01 mg) 2 Automatic Burette Digital 50 ml 3 Bottom Sampler 4 Centrifuge 5 Conductivity meter 6 Current meter 7 Digester with condensers 8 Dissolved oxygen meter 9 Flame photometer 10 Heating Mantle 11 pH meter with combined glass electrode 12 Precision Balance weighing upto 1 mg 13 Standard weights 14 Turbidity meter
Frank Del Monaco, General Manager/Director of Sales East Coast for IPS adds, "The solar-powered meters seamlessly retrofit into existing meter housings and do not require any additional civil work, installation of wireless network infrastructure, or signage for the motorists offering the least intrusive impact on the public, as well as current meter operations.
The company that provided the existing meters is discontinuing the current meter technology in favor of digital units that can be read using a radio frequency rather than checking meters at the residence or business.
A thorough measurement survey will follow a run ticket all the way from its inception until the final booking to ensure that proper correction factors and current meter factors are used in calculations and that there is an established procedure for verification of Run Tickets.
The truly two-way device enables near real-time access to critical water assets for visibility into current meter status - empowering utilities to address customer concerns and support advanced capabilities such as leak detection, reverse flow and tampering.
Current meter products might use measurement concepts developed in the 19th century, but top measurement people at gas utilities tell PIPELINE & GAS JOURNAL they are generally satisfied with the accuracy/quality/price ratios delivered by modern gas meters.