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current account

Economics that part of the balance of payments composed of the balance of trade and the invisible balance

Current Account


a type of deposit operation in banks and savings banks. Deposits in current accounts are not time deposits; that is, the account holder can make deposits and withdrawals at any time. In the capitalist countries, current accounts for the most part hold the temporarily free capital and cash reserves of the capitalists. In the USSR, current accounts in banks may be opened by noneconomic institutions and enterprises, kolkhozes, and public organizations; current accounts in savings banks may also be opened by individuals.

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While Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's policy of pursuing drastic monetary easing could benefit exports by keeping the yen on a downward path for the time being, the data indicates that Japan's current account balance is unlikely to improve soon.
saving rate will worsen the current account balance.
On external current account balances Moody's sees Oman as the most vulnerable expecting a sizeable current account deficit in 2015.
However, it is unlikely that the current account balance will record deficits in the near future given that the investment income surplus is expected to be stable at the current level, he added.
Australia's Current Account Balance deficit widened more than economists expected in the second quarter, revealing a shortfall of -A$13.
For the past year, that policy has maintained a level of current account balances and excess reserves of the banking system that is more than [yen] 25 trillion higher than at the beginning of 2001.
Private transfers continued to escalate and enabled the current account balance to stay sustainable for this period.
The current account balance is the difference between a country's income from foreign sources and foreign obligations payable, excluding net capital investment.
ANKARA, Apr 12, 2010 (TUR) -- Turkey's current account balance posted a net deficit of 2.
Summary: Japan dominated Asian headlines after its Current Account Balance surged to a 13-month high and its Machine Orders jumped by the most since April of 2008.
The Bank of England and the European Central Bank have not changed their target repurchase agreement rates recently, and the Bank of Japan continues to maintain its [yen] 30-[yen] 35 trillion target for the supply of its current account balance liabilities.
In 1995, higher petroleum production and exports led to a mild pick up in output and a positive current account balance.