Cushing's disease

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Cushing's disease:

see Cushing, Harvey WilliamsCushing, Harvey Williams,
1869–1939, American neurosurgeon, b. Cleveland, B.A. Yale, 1891, M.D. Harvard, 1895. Associated with Johns Hopkins (1896–1912), Harvard (1912–32), and Yale (1933–37), he was noted for his great contributions to brain surgery and
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The most notable symptom of Cushing's disease is the growth of a long, shaggy, coat of hair.
The first diagnostic dilemma in this case was that the initial laboratory data suggested Cushing's Disease since the patient had an elevated ACTH and dexamethasone suppressibility.
The Department of Haematology referred a 30-year-old woman to our clinic with a likely diagnosis of Cushing's disease.
Nevertheless, suppressibility of cortisol after high dose dexamethasone had been shown in slowly growing bronchial carcinoids thereby rendering them difficult to differentiate from pituitary Cushing's disease (26).
Sales of Vetoryl, used to treat Cushing's Disease in dogs, increased 62 per cent globally and were worth pounds 2 million.
Meanwhile, a woman with epilepsy has tests to see if she can be helped by major brain surgery and a former athlete suffering from Cushing's disease goes under the knife.
The conditions include Cushing's disease, hyperthyroidism, hyperparathyroidism, and rheumatoid arthritis.
Undetectable urinary free cortisol concentrations in a case of Cushing's disease.
OUR 11-year-old terrier cross has just been diagnosed with Cushing's disease.
Q MY eight-year-old terrier has been diagnosed with Cushing's disease.
In many instances, those treated exhibited all the symptofms of adrenal excess, called Cushing's disease.