Customs Law

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Customs Law


an aggregate of legal norms regulating the activities of customs offices in the economic protection of state borders and in tariff policy. Customs offices supervise the import and export of goods and the collection of customs duties. They follow the norms of customs law set forth in the various branches of state law, for example, constitutional, administrative, and finance law. Laws that directly regulate customs offices are usually included in special acts, such as customs codes and instructions.

Although part of administrative law, customs law is closely related to international law. Many bilateral and multilateral international treaties have been concluded on customs. They include the International Convention for the Publication of Customs Tariffs (July 5,1890, Brussels), the International Convention Relating to the Simplification of Customs Formalities (Nov. 3, 1923, Geneva), the Convention Concerning Customs Facilities for Touring (June 4, 1954, New York), the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (Oct. 30, 1947, Geneva), and the Agreement on Cooperation and Mutual Assistance in Customs Matters Between Bulgaria, Hungary, the German Democratic Republic, the Mongolian People’s Republic, Poland, Rumania, the USSR, and Czechoslovakia (July 5, 1962, Berlin). Customs law and international law are also interconnected in the regulation of state borders, customs territory, and respect for diplomatic immunity.

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The House should issue a motion to enact a federal customs law sooner than later," he said.
The government is expected to introduce the amendment to the Customs Law in the next legislative session of Parliament.
However, customs law may mitigate this risk by providing taxpayers additional--albeit limited--opportunities to increase the customs value, and the Sec.
The reference is designed to offer guidance on the "ins and outs of EU customs law so that professionals can help their clients avoid EU customs audits, minimize customs duty, streamline transactions and stay in full compliance," Kluwer Law said.
Dubai Customs, being committed to international laws and agreements and the Common Customs Law of the GCC States, is always on the lookout for people attempting to bring into the country prohibited items, including endangered animals and manufactured products," added Al-Sahlawi.
The suspects were taken before Limassol District Court yesterday and charged with conspiracy to commit a crime, paying off a civil servant, abuse of authority and offences in breach of customs law.
Tokyo and Beijing already have a customs cooperation accord, but separate arrangements are needed for Macao and Hong Kong because the customs law in mainland China is not effective in those territories, a ministry official said.
Becket & Poliakoff announced the appointment of several new attorneys in its Florida offices: Deborah Stern joined its international trade and customs law group in Ft.
Noboru Sakurai, 44, a broker of imported goods, and Takafumi Fukuie, 56, a self-styled finance business operator, are suspected of violating the Customs Law by attempting to illegally import the gas in cans, police and customs officials said.
Customs law enforcement officers arrested the men following a series of dawn raids at ten properties in the West Midlands, Kent and West Yorkshire yesterday morning.
These included speeding up the implementation of the Enterprise Law, amending the Land Law, and approving the Customs Law.
Customs officials at Narita airport filed a complaint with prosecutors against a 49-year-old animal importer Tuesday on suspicion of violating the customs law by attempting to smuggle an endangered species of turtles in July.

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