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FMT Tooling Systems manufactures a variety of carbide and PCD specialty cutting tools serving the same industries as Superion on a global scale.
8220;In other manufacturer's shell mill arbors without the AD/B + C coolant system, it has become common practice to drill hole in the arbor screw to provide additional coolant,” says Nancy Novinc, Director of TMX Cutting Tool Solutions.
The interface of the cutting tool in contact with the workpiece disc is flooded with a 5 volume percent, water soluble oil cutting fluid to help maintain a constant temperature at the tip of the cutting tool between interruptions of the facing passes.
The essence of the solution lies in the analysis of secondary tool motions, when a cutting tool is displaced from the axis of one hole to the axis of the following hole.
The machining experiments were carried out using the P-40 tungsten carbide cutting tool inserts by turning operations using a high precision CNC lathe.
Cutting tools with different shanks are held with great concentricity of less than 0.
Machining of wooden based shaped profiles requires solving of cutting tool geometry which enables minimal tool wear in cutting processes.
8220;Field testing is tantamount to the overall success of the TMX product line thus allowing for better quality control and reduced overall costs to the customer, ” stated Nancy Novinc, Director TMX Cutting Tool Business.
The production requirementes and other factors, such as the initial cost of design modifications to be made by the cutting tool manufacturer, and the results obtained in a previous analysis of the cutting tool wear in the HSM of Al alloys (Cano et Al.
Phillips said the nano-technology has multiple applications, but the cutting tool industry alone represents a potential $20 billion market.
Working from computer aided design (CAD) data and using a diamond headed cutting tool, Clinkenbeard utilizes a process that starts with a solid block of cured, nobake sand and finishes with a fully functional mold or core.
This month, we're the first to report on the latest development in cutting tool material technology--the ceramic composite.