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Some cybersquatters simply seek to engage in a type of unfair competition by registering a famous trademark and then directing business to the cybersquatter by creating the erroneous consumer impression that the famous mark is in some way associated with or endorsing the cybersquatter's business.
And cybersquatters register trademarks as domain names in order to sell them to the rightful trademark owners for multiples of the registration fee.
Statutory damages against cybersquatters can range from $1,000 to $100,000 per abuse.
Airport owners Highlands and Islands Airports said they may go to watchdogs ICANN, who can force cybersquatters to sell web addresses.
The Platinum Service from NetNames will centralise the management of all Gateway's domain names, helping to stop potential threats from cybersquatters, and will also ensure that all domain names for Gateway's online business are renewed.
A new master Internet domain will be launched early next month to create an Internet space, secure against cybersquatters for international airlines, airports and major aerospace firms.
BUSINESSES in Wales worried their websites have been targeted by cybersquatters will be able to use a new monitoring service launched this week.
Before the ACPA was enacted, or ICANN's rules adopted, trademark owners, such as franchisors, seeking to attack cybersquatters often faced an uphill battle.
ACTRESS and singer Courtney Love and the estate of her late husband Kurt Cobain, of rock band Nirvana, are reported to want Pounds 625,000 in damages from two Canadian cybersquatters who set up Internet sites named after them.
It works like this: net savvy cybersquatters register catchy addresses for $70 a pop and then resell them for whatever they can get.
When cybersquatters pick up unregistered variations of a company's web address, businesses are exposed to both dangerous and costly implications.
The LEGO Group with its myriad products has dealt extensively with cybersquatters who register countless permutations of its brands as domain names.