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see particle acceleratorparticle accelerator,
apparatus used in nuclear physics to produce beams of energetic charged particles and to direct them against various targets. Such machines, popularly called atom smashers, are needed to observe objects as small as the atomic nucleus in studies of its
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a resonance particle accelerator in which the magnetic guide field and the frequency of the accelerating electric field are constant in time. The particles, which may be protons or heavier ions, move in an uncoiled spiral. The highest possible energy of protons accelerated in a cyclotron is about 20 million electron volts and may reach 1 billion electron volts in an isochronous cyclotron. (SeeACCELERATOR, PARTICLE.)


An accelerator in which charged particles are successively accelerated by a constant-frequency alternating electric field that is synchronized with movement of the particles on spiral paths in a constant magnetic field normal to their path. Also known as phasotron.


a type of particle accelerator in which the particles spiral inside two D-shaped hollow metal electrodes placed facing each other under the effect of a strong vertical magnetic field, gaining energy by a high-frequency voltage applied between these electrodes
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The radionuclide that is made in cyclotrons and linear accelerators has a half-life of only 109 minutes, the time in which half of its radioactivity will have decayed.
The cyclotron is part of the East Tennessee Healthcare Center, which offers a full array of clinical services, including diagnostic imaging, a breast care facility, and wellness, oncology and cardiology services.
Until recently, the metal rings and hubs in CTI cyclotrons were cast, but problems with porosity in the castings were causing expensive rework during the machining and plating.
As NSCL senior physicist, Reginald Ronningen explains, "The vaults enclosing the cyclotron and experimental areas exclude personnel and greatly reduce the level of radiation outside the vaults.
Radioisotopes produced by the cyclotron are also being used in research, from exploring new cancer treatments and understanding how Parkinsons disease develops, to investigating how plants store nutrients and respond to environmental stresses to develop new crops.
Drawing on more than 50 years in medical equipment manufacturing expertise, this innovative new product line of cyclotrons offers a cost-effective alternative to both short- and long-lived medical isotopes.
While historically radionuclides have been manufactured primarily in research reactors, many are recently being produced by cyclotrons.
he figured out how to use his university's cyclotron accelerator to generate some of the radionuclides needed.
GE's cyclotrons have gained a reputation worldwide of being the most reliable, most flexible and easily upgradeable, from a company recognized as a partner by its customers.
OTTAWA, Ontario -- Best Theratronics Ltd [BTL] plans to address the worldwide medical isotope shortage by manufacturing a range of cyclotrons for the production of diagnostic and therapeutic medical isotopes.