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We are excited to work with Compaq to extend the availability of Cygnus tools and support for Linux through Compaq's market leading programs," said Duke Walton, director of Worldwide Channel Sales at Cygnus.
Rather than look in visible light, Kinney and her colleagues examined Cygnus A in the ultraviolet, using Hubble's faint-object spectrograph.
A more panoramic X-ray view of the Cygnus Loop, taken by ROSAT and analyzed by Pisarski and Denis E Cioffi at NASA headquarters in Washington, D.
Infrared Telescope atop Mauna Kea in Hawaii, Charles and his colleagues assert that the companion star in Cygnus X-3 has a mass about 10 times that of the sun.
We believe buyers will download these videos onto their personal mobile devices and take them directly to tradeshows or to dealers," says Cygnus Business Media's Group Publisher Dave Davel, who heads the company's Construction Equipment Media Group and has been covering the heavy construction market for more than two decades.
Cygnus will submit for a stockholder vote two proposals: to approve the Acquisition and to approve a plan of dissolution.
Also, Cygnus will cease publication of four regional printing titles with September issues.
According to Djorgovski, this all but proves that the core of Cygnus A harbors a quasar.
We can engage an audience through an expanded platform using digital technologies that keep our customers connected with their audience and keep our shows relevant before, during and after an event," says Jeff Price, president of Cygnus Expositions.
In addition, Sankyo US acknowledged that it had not paid invoices owed to Cygnus of over $6 million and informed Cygnus that it had no intention of remitting payment.
Each cone, part of an experiment called CYGNUS, contains a plastic sheet that scintillates when a particle strikes it; a phototube at the top of each cone senses the faint burst of light.
Paul has a great grasp of the role each media plays within its respective market and the ability to utilize their strengths to build revenue developing marketing programs for our customers," says Cygnus Business Media co-CEO Tony O'Brien.