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edu/news/vla-reveals-new-object/) National Radio Astronomy Observatory  said the bright object was not in the Cygnus A galaxy when the Very Large Array last viewed it in 1996.
html) Cygnus A  is known for being one of the greatest sources of radio waves in space, and the closest one to Earth that is so active on that side of the electromagnetic spectrum.
It's possible that Cygnus A ate up another galaxy, lassoing its black hole into the system.
But scientists have now confirmed that one of these brilliant beacons resides at the heart of Cygnus A, a galaxy just 600 million light-years away.
She and her colleagues analyzed the spectra of ultraviolet light recorded by the Hubble Space Telescope to confirm that a quasar lies at the center of Cygnus A, the brightest radio galaxy in the northern sky.
the researchers photographed Cygnus A at four successively longer near-infrared wavelengths -- each penetrating the dust more deeply than the last.
According to Djorgovski, this all but proves that the core of Cygnus A harbors a quasar.
The ISS crew will install the REBR experiment on Cygnus as they pack the spacecraft with disposal cargo.
In 2000, she joined Cygnus as director of marketing with the responsibility of developing enhanced marketing opportunities and initiatives.
Prior to departure from the ISS, the crew will install the REBR experiment into Cygnus as they pack the spacecraft with disposal cargo.
Jim will be a clear asset to Cygnus as we continue to launch new growth segments that add value for our customers and help them reach their audience," says Co-CEO Tony O'Brien.
Steven Thomas, Precision Conversions' President stated, "We are proud to have Cygnus as our newest customer and be a part of their successful growth.