Cylinder Liner

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cylinder liner

[′sil·ən·dər ‚līn·ər]
(mechanical engineering)
A separate cylindrical sleeve inserted in an engine block which serves as the cylinder.

Cylinder Liner


a replaceable cylindrical insert mounted in the block of water-cooled reciprocating heat engines. Cylinder liners are made of cast iron and are used in aluminum-alloy blocks to reduce the wear on friction surfaces and to facilitate repair. The cylinder liner determines the displacement of the cylinder in which the piston is housed. The inner surface of a cylinder liner is carefully machined and polished, and the outside of the liner is cooled with water, which circulates in the water jacket of the engine block.

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Soot brought into contact with the cylinder liner is absorbed by the oil film and subsequently scraped by the piston rings.
13] proposed a classical FE model of engine structure to deal with the computation of cylinder liner distortions.
This style of hone smoothes out all of the rough spots around the ports or any other part of the cylinder liner walls - top to bottom.
The simulation model used is an EHD (elastohydrodynamic) model to simulate the friction in the contact area between piston skirt and cylinder liner using the AV L software Excite Power Unit.
for contributions of cylinder liners, and Greg Beshouri, president, AETC for technical assistance, The review of this article and technical comments provided by Charles E.
This makes sense because when the vapor pressure of the coolant equals the pressure at the wall of the cylinder liner, the boiling point has been reached.
The three-ring pistons are designed to provide optimum combustion pressure, sealing and cylinder liner oil control for the engine.
Tenders are invited for Cylinder Liner Open Grain Chrome Plated And Honned Fully Finished To Drg.
The Monotherm piston design can reduce cavitation of the cylinder liner, even with thin-wall liners, the company said, which allows an increase in piston diameter within existing engines.
for the sale of Dana's light duty cylinder liner business to Camisa.