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After 30 years in the film business, Ken is a dab hand at living la dolce vita and in Cymru am Byth we see him slip in and out of his two lifestyles with ease.
He now leads an idyllic life on the AmByth Estate - named after the "Wales Forever" slogan Cymru Am Byth - with cows, sheep, rabbits, cats and dogs for company.
SIR - Here's my offering of a poem for St David's Day, which I call Cymru Am Byth (Wales Forever).
My Sky Sports is programmed for his return Cymru am Byth - wholehogmog On Dai Young HMM, Dai has got us to the semis of the Heineken, won the LV last year, won the Amlin last year and we currently stand 3rd in the Magners.