Cyril Connolly

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Cyril Connolly
BirthplaceCoventry, Warwickshire, United Kingdom
EducationSt Cyprian's School, Eastbourne and Eton College

Connolly, Cyril

(kŏn`əlē), 1903–74, English critic and editor, b. Coventry, England. After attending the Univ. of Oxford, he began his career as a journalist. With Stephen SpenderSpender, Sir Stephen,
1909–95, English poet and critic, b. London. His early poetry—like that of W. H. Auden, C. Day Lewis, and Louis MacNeice, with whom he became associated at Oxford—was inspired by social protest.
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 he founded Horizon (1939–49), a small literary magazine that reflected Connolly's own iconoclastic and mordant attitudes toward contemporary society. He also used his critical gifts as a long-time book reviewer for The New Statesman and London's Sunday Times. Among his works are Rock Pool (1935), a satirical novel that ranks with the best of HuxleyHuxley, Aldous Leonard,
1894–1963, English author; grandson of Thomas Henry Huxley, brother of Sir Julian Huxley, and half-brother of Sir Andrew Huxley. Educated at Eton and Oxford, he traveled widely and during the 1920s lived in Italy.
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 and WaughWaugh, Evelyn Arthur St. John
, 1903–66, English writer, considered the greatest satirist of his generation. Educated at Oxford, he was briefly an art student and a teacher but spent much of his time traveling. He served with distinction in World War II.
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; Enemies of Promise (1938), an autobiography of ideas; The Unquiet Grave (1944), a potpourri of critical commentaries, quotations, and aphorisms; The Condemned Playground (1945) and Previous Convictions (1964), both collections of literary essays; and The Modern Movement: 100 Key Books From England, France, and America, 1880–1950 (1965).


See biography by C. Fisher (1995); D. Pryce-Jones, Cyril Connolly: Journal and Memoir (1983); M. Shelden, Friends of Promise: Cyril Connolly and the World of Horizon (1989).

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ARTSNIGHT BBC2, 11pm Heavily pregnant model and actress Lily Cole assumes editorial control, analysing the claim of critic Cyril Connolly that 'there is no more sombre enemy of good art than the pram in the hall'.
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But the firm soon narrowed its focus to beautifully illustrated volumes on art, architecture and photography, aimed at what Cyril Connolly called 'the omnivorous, middlebrow reader'.
En su "Conclusion: Modernism, War, and the Memory of Spain after 1939," Rogers redondea sus hallazgos, senalando los esfuerzos de Cyril Connolly y los exiliados republicanos por mantener vivo el esfuerzo cosmopolita de Ortega en su revista Horizon, y su eventual abandono del proyecto.
The letters trace Orwell's life from the 1930s (there is the odd letter to his mother in 1911 and portions of a letter to Cyril Connolly in 1920) to late 1949, in a letter written to Sir Richard Rees (Orwell's literary executor, along with his wife) before he died: "Thanks so much for seeing about the boat and for rearranging my books.
The writing is evocative, sympathetic, and non-judgemental, as anyone who has read the author's previous exemplary account of the life, times, and constellation of curious characters surrounding that literary Mr Smartiboots, Cyril Connolly, would expect.
Auden, Stephen Spender, Kim Philby, George Orwell, Arthur Koestler, Cyril Connolly, Andre Malraux, and Antoine de Saint-Exupery.
In addition to Isaiah Berlin, the circle of so called "Bowristas" included names like art historian Kenneth Clark, the poets John Betjeman and Stephen Spender, the warden of All Soul's College, John Sparrow, and the critic Cyril Connolly.
Rowse, Cyril Connolly and most particularly, the great Christian apologist, C.
McEwan himself told an interviewer that Atonement is an attack on "modernism and its dereliction of duty in relation to what I have Cyril Connolly call 'the backbone of the plot.
Hanns would recommend authors to read: Balzac and Proust for the human condition, Graham Greene for all things travel, Cyril Connolly for his essays.