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Kliment Ohridski, the founder of the Ohrid Archbishopric and the Ohrid literary school and the architect of the Cyrillic alphabet and the Old Slavonic culture, is an event of immense importance not only for the Republic of Macedonia but also for the European culture and civilization.
As a result, over 200 million people across the world using the Cyrillic alphabet, among which Bulgarians, as full-fledged EU citizens, will be able to read the word "euro" in their national language on the banknote," BNB notes.
Cyril, who authored the first version of the Cyrillic alphabet together with his brother St.
The Bulgarian and Russian versions of the Cyrillic alphabet are very similar.
The Bulgarians signed up to a Facebook cause urging Mr Van Rompuy to apologise or explain why he ignored their 1,300 plus year-old state along with Ancient Greece, Rome, the Byzantine Empire, the Thracian and Slavic civilisations, Orthodox Christianity and the Cyrillic Alphabet.
You'll also learn how the devilishy hard Bulgarian Cyrillic alphabet has evolved over the years.
The analysis suggests that Macedonia's Constitution should be modified by inserting the following text: "On the whole territory of the Republic of Macedonia and in its international relations, the official language is the Macedonian language and its Cyrillic alphabet.
The uppercase Cyrillic alphabet includes twelve symbols that are visually quite similar to counterparts in our Latin alphabet: A, B, C, E, H, K, M, O, P, T, X, and Y.
In later years however, learning the Cyrillic alphabet and keeping Russian books on hand were punishable on the grounds of being implicit praise for communism.
A further proposal for a presentation of Sofia in an open public space in Paris at the eve of the national holiday celebrating the Cyrillic alphabet on May 24.
It includes reviews of books on the Cyrillic alphabet as well as more general works presenting a typology of writing systems.
You go to the supermarket and you can't read what you're buying because y y g of the Cyrillic alphabet, even buying a box of CornFlakes.