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examination of the urinary bladder by means of a special instrument—a cystoscope—consisting of an optical system within a hollow metal housing. The cystoscope is inserted into the urinary bladder through the urethra. For purposes of diagnosis, the bladder is irrigated through the hollow housing of the cystoscope and filled with a transparent disinfecting fluid. The cystoscope is useful in diagnosing such urological diseases as chronic cystitis, tuberculosis, calculi, and tumors in the bladder, as well as inflammations and tumors in the adjacent organs—the uterus and vagina in women and the prostate and rectum in men. Specially designed cystoscopes are used to catheterize the ureters and renal pelves, to perform a biopsy, and for certain types of surgical intervention in the urinary tract and prostate (for example, crushing the calculi in the bladder).


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The single-use disposable, semi-flexible, easy-to-use and patient-friendly Uro-V System represents a major advance in diagnostic cystoscopy.
In our practice, surgeons prefer that intravenous sodium fluorescein be administered just prior to cystoscopy and oral phenazopyridine en route to the operating room.
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Outpatient cystoscopy is the workhorse of the vast majority of urology clinic practices.
There is conflicting opinion as to whether universal or selective cystoscopy after hysterectomy is best, and "there's data on both sides," said Dr.
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In September 2008 Melbourne Health (MH) approached the Department of Human Services seeking support to establish a urology service model involving the delivery of flexible cystoscopy procedures for bladder cancer surveillance, by nurses who have received training and preparation to undertake the procedure.
Phase III clinical data supplied with the New Drug Application demonstrated a significantly improved rate of detection of non-muscle-invasive papillary cancer using Cysview cystoscopy compared to standard white light cystoscopy alone in patients with non-muscle-invasive papillary bladder cancer," said Eric Cantor, MD, Head of Medical Affairs for GE Healthcare's Medical Diagnostics Business in the Americas.
European recommendations from a consensus group have now been published, which may make the use of Hexvix-guided fluorescence cystoscopy more unison across the continent.