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Overall, however, in a mere 200 pages Eric Lohr has succeeded in alienating citizenship in czarist Russia and debunking anachronistic notions that citizenship has to do with borders and national identity rather than privileges and Orthodoxy.
The world of Czarist Russia is long gone, of course, but the young actor sees modern parallels to the story.
That's a lot of rifles, but Czarist Russia gave Remington its single biggest military WWI contract.
Flags of USA, Czarist Russia, and the post-Communist regime are the only decorations.
Created in the 19th century, "The Protocols" was circulated in Czarist Russia and Nazi Germany and remains a staple of anti-Semitic groups.
The emperor and his troops were poised for action Saturday on the banks of the river Nemunas in Kaunas, with more than 1,000 history buffs re-enacting Bonaparte's June 24, 1812 assault on Czarist Russia.
Chronicling the story of Sergey through Czarist Russia and their departure from their home land towards England.
You can imagine my delight then, to note that this year's Christmas trends will be heavily inspired by czarist Russia and the Orient.
Stones Don't Bear Witness" is a historical mystery from Boris Sandler, a Russian author drawing on events of the waning days of Czarist Russia and the plight of Jews of the time.
Prussia too, like Czarist Russia, was facing some problems with the Jews (imaginary problems rather than real).
Of special interest is the relationship between the Native people and czarist Russia and later, communist Russia.