Czechoslovak People's Party

Czechoslovak People’s Party


(CPP; Československá Strana Lidová), a political party founded in February 1948 after the reorganization of a bourgeois party of the same name that had existed since 1918. The party essentially unites citizens holding a Christian world view, including farmers, craftsmen, workers, and members of the intelligentsia and some strata formerly belonging to the petite bourgeoisie. The party is active in the Czech Socialist Republic (CSR).

The party belongs to the National Front of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, recognizes the leading role of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, and supports the program of socialist construction in the country. It is represented in the Federal Assembly of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, the government of the Czech Socialist Republic, the Czech National Council, and the national committees (local governing bodies). The highest organ of the CPP is the Congress, which meets once every five years. Between congresses the party’s activities are directed by the Central Committee (elected by the Congress), the Presidium, and the Secretariat of the Central Committee. R. Petera is the party chairman. The main press organ is the newspaper Lidová demokracie (People’s Democracy).

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KDU was a coalition of several primarily Christian Democratic parties, led by the Czechoslovak People's Party, dating as far back as 1919.
dagger]) The Czechoslovak People's Party (CSL) is one of the Czech oldest existing parties.