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Nakano, for one, won best director for his 2012 film, 'Capturing Dad,' during the 9th Skip City International D-Cinema Festival, and was nominated for best director for 'Her Love Boils Bathwater' during the 40th Japan Academy Awards this year.
But d-cinema is a hot topic again at CinemaCon 2014 because two major components of its ecosystem remain works in progress: alternative content to help exhibitors fill empty seats Monday through Thursday, and a robust, cost-effective electronic delivery system that can transmit content to theaters.
The Qube XP-I D-cinema server offers a data throughput of up to 1,000 Mbps, sufficient for 4K dual-projector 3D playback from a single server, and the Qube Xi can support High Frame Rate playback and DCPs up to 500Mbps.
JPEG2000: Technology lead, reinforced through the industry's launch of mathematically loss-less JPEG2000 transport for the transport of alternative content for D-cinema, stereo 3D TV and digital film post-production processes.
Despite the rapid increase in the rate of worldwide conversion to D-Cinema, or high-end digital screens (those conforming to the DCI specification of 2K (2) or more), we are not yet at 100% roll out.
WBEI and WBJ) which played a major role in establishing DCI system specifications, will configure a D-cinema distribution-origination service center, provide operational management and supply D-Cinema content in accordance with DCI specifications.
We are looking for innovative service providers interested in playing a central role in D-Cinema.
Barring a few Brazilian sites, Cinepolis completed d-cinema deployment by April 15, when all of its screens worldwide were to become digital.
In an article published in Variety covering last year's ShowEast convention, author Carl Doric commented on the 'clear evidence of agreement on key parts of a strategy for funding d-cinema systems in thousands of theatres' across the US.
With applications ranging from D-Cinema to mobile devices, commercial releases of the MDA creation tools and MDA players are expected to be made available in Q2 of this year.
Screen Digest projects overall d-cinema penetration in Europe to reach 70% this year and 95% in 2015.