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see direct currentdirect current,
abbr. DC, a movement of electric charge across an arbitrarily defined surface in one direction only. See electricity; generator.
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direct current

In an electric circuit, a current that flows in one direction only. Also see alternating current.


(language, tool)
The Unix arbitrary precision postfix calculator and its language.

Here is an example program which prints out factorials:

echo "[la1+dsa*pla2220>y]sy0sa1lyx" | dc

Unix manual page: dc(1).

bc provides a somewhat more readable syntax which is compiled into dc. There is also a GNU DC.


(1) (Direct Current) An electrical current that travels in one direction and used within the computer's electronic circuits. Contrast with AC.

(2) (Data Communications) See DB/DC.

(3) (Domain Controller) See PDC and BDC.
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