Don Stephen Senanayake

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Senanayake, Don Stephen

(sĕnənä`yəkə), 1884–1952, prime minister (1947–52) of Ceylon (later Sri Lanka). He entered politics in 1922 and became a prominent leader before founding the United National party (UNP) in 1946 and leading Ceylon to independence from Great Britain in 1948. He was as minister of agriculture and lands (1931–47) and leader of the council of state (1942–47). He died in office and was succeeded as prime minister by his son Dudley Shelton Senanayake, 1911–73, who had followed his father as minister of agriculture and lands (1947–52). Dudley Senanayake served three periods as a right-of-center prime minister (1952–53, 1960, 1965–70) and led the opposition UNP in 1960–65.
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In 1948, shortly after Independence of Sri Lanka, this link was revived and reborn when the founding father of Sri Lanka, Prime Minister D.
Iranaimadu reservoir in the northern mainland of the Jaffna district was built by the British in 1923, under the former Ministry, the Minister in charge after the Donoughmore reforms in 1930, being none other than D.
Other popular schools in Colombo such as Ananda, Nalanda, D.
This was the position that Nehru held at the London Talks with Prime Minister Dudley Senanayake following the discussions his father, D.