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great god of Celts; father of Danu. [Celtic Myth.: Parrinder, 68; Jobes, 405]


(h)da god of abundance, war, healing. [Celtic Myth.: Parrinder, 68; Jobes, 405]
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According to the report, Dag lost his balance after he jumped over a barbed fence wire in order to pose for a picture on top of the Urfa Castle in Southern Turkey.
DAG while there was non-significant interactive effects of genotypes and years at all observations.
3 DAG were able to completely prevent the transition at < 500 [micro]g/ml DGK and delayed sheet formation at 500 pg/ml.
DAG hopes to reach Indian schools in the future as more international institutions like GEMS Wellington Academy and Repton School join the science club bandwagon.
Commercially available DAG oil generally contains ~75 % diacylglycerol, 20% triacylglycerol, 5% monoacylglycerol, <0.
The first three variables in the parenthesis have been illustrated in Figure 2; Re is the Reynolds number based on the average velocity of the DAG and width of the DAG as its characteristics length.
The Nebit Dag PSA includes deep reservoirs beneath the Nebit Dag and Kum Dag fields, whose shallow formation had been virtually worked out.
Dag Hammarskjold, the former Swedish diplomat and United Nations Secretary-General from 1953 to 1961, left behind a diary of sorts--Vagmarken (Markings)--in which he jotted down thoughts, aphorisms, poetry, and prayers and which he described as the "only true 'profile' that can be drawn" about himself and as "a sort of 'White Book' concerning my negotiations with myself- and with God" (the term "White Book" was a reference to diplomatic papers providing background information for negotiations).
Jinishian, executive managing director, and Greg Wang, associate director, of GVA Williams, represented the sponsor, Stahl 3 Dag, LLC.
In Chapter 4 ("Systems Engineering"), the DAG introduces eight technical management processes and eight technical processes.
In the largest published study of DAG oil, 65 obese men and women consumed 15 percent of their calories from Enova oil while on a lower-calorie diet for six months.
The parents of 22-year-old Firsat Dag, who was stabbed to death in Sighthill, Glasgow, in August 2001, have had their pounds 11,000 maximum award reduced to pounds 5,500 because their son allegedly applied for asylum under a false name.