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, dal, dholl
a tropical African and Asian leguminous shrub, Cajanus cajan, cultivated in tropical regions for its nutritious pealike seeds


(1) (Dedicated Access Line) A private "tie line" between a customer and the telephone company.

(2) (Data Access Language) A database interface from Apple that allows the Mac to access DAL-supported databases on Macs or non-Apple computers. It is a superset of SQL. Database vendors license the specs and translate DAL calls to their database engines.
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They came together once again under the leadership of Vishwanath Pratap Singh to form Janata Dal which came to power once again in 1989.
The airline was ultimately successful, securing two gates at DAL and launching its new service from DAL to DCA, LGA, SFO and LAX in October of 2014.
Felly gobeithio bydd Dal Ati yn rhoi hyder iddyn nhw barhau efo'r dysgu.
KICS was founded by DAL Group in 2004 and is the only school in Sudan to offer the International Baccalaureate (IB), a truly international curriculum which draws upon the latest thinking in educational methodology.
After staying at home for eight years to look after her daughters, Dal quali-fied as a personal trainer and reached the Level 4 specialist exercise instructor status - the highest professional qualification.
Along with the treatmen,t Dal was given a tailor-made food plan for his body type.
Dal also commented that during the term of Bulgaria's former GERB cabinet (2009 - early 2013) there was a hidden agreement between the ruling party and MRF not to reveal each other's dirty secrets to the public.
DAL should be able to achieve its $10 billion adjusted net debt target by 2013, given its solid FCF trajectory.
Dal Maschio UK's philosophy is that we need to help our customer to grow their business as we climb out of the recession.
Senior Akali Dal leader Naresh Gujral said in a statement that the Akali Dal is a farsighted party and in keeping with that party leader Sardar Sukhbir Singh Badal has instructed MPs to vote in the favour of the bill.
Despite large 2009 cost savings driven by the sharp decline in jet fuel prices from last summer's peak, Fitch expects DAL to report another year of substantially negative free cash flow in 2009 as the airline struggles to adjust capacity to a diminished level of demand.
Our goal is to cover the entire country even though our strongest support comes from the regions that know well Kasim Dal and me," Ismailov explained.