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We let the program automatically figure out the field, names (see Figure 1) and noticed it did a pretty good job at determining the fields, After defining the fields, we clicked on "continue," defined our DBF file to import into and then clicked on "Find Matches.
Functions include: recognition of multi-language documents (Chinese-English and Japanese-English texts), automatic recognition of vertical and horizontal texts, automatic detection of text blocks, tables, columns and pictures on a document, manual drawing of recognition zones, detailed information about recognized characters, and export of recognized text into RTF, XML, HTML, TXT, CSV, and DBF file formats.
Data Extractor - writes records to a delimited ASCII, fixed ASCII or DBF file format based on the results of a query set.
The ability to export search results has also been greatly enhanced -- results can now be exported and saved in HTML, XML, text and DBF file formats.
For 3D ESRI files (or 2D ESRI files with DBF files which contain elevation data) the output DXF is in 3D.
The ideaList user is someone who works with all kinds of textual information (including numbers, dates and times, with associated pictures if need be) carefully selected from many different sources--online databases, CD-ROMs, file notes, research reports, bought-in CSV and DBF files and so on, ideaList then stores, and now shares, that informtion regardless of the enormous variety and unpredictability of the shapes and sizes in which it comes.
DBF Viewer 2000, as the name implies, is a viewer and an editor for DBF files - Clipper, dBase, FoxBase, Foxpro, Visual Foxpro, Visual DBase, VO, DB2K and others.
With some preparation by another utility provided in the package, Monarch also processes delimited ASCII, DBF files, ASCII files without carriage returns or line feeds, and report files with lines longer than 256 characters.
The program supports all kinds of DBF files (dBase III, dBas e IV, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro) and their memo fields.
DBF will list all the DBF files in that subdirectory, on your C: drive.
Importing of data is available from text files, MS Excel Worksheets and DBF files, with export to text formats.