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54 cm trunk dbh; acephate (97%) injected at 15 g + 100 mL water per 25 cm trunk dbh; abamectin (2%) injected at 5 mL per 5 cm trunk dbh (this treatment was applied to trees also injected with abamectin in 2015); abamectin (2%) injected trees from 2015 were evaluated (though not re-treated) in 2016; and untreated control.
The lowest values for DBH also occurred in flooded and sponteneous secondary vegetation areas, but it was not generalized for all areas but for isolated sites of plants (Figure 3F).
We found resting sites located in oak species (n = 174) had an average DBH of 53.
Sampling for trees >5 cm dbh showed 473 species/ha and 1561 (1509 in Leimback & Balslev, 2001) trees/ha (Valencia et al.
Furthermore, the greater DBH of sprayed stands could have a positive effect on volume as well.
The structural attributes with the best discrimination power among groups (ordered by entrance in the Forward model) were: commercial height, total height, maximum height reached by an individual, number of individuals per area, species richness per area, maximum dbh, basal area and average dbh (Kilca, unpublished data).
The coefficients of variation of DBH and H were less than 12%, which, according to the criteria established by Pimentel-Gomes and Garcia (2002), indicate low variability.
all those for which DAU [greater than or equal to] 0), because when we focus on the fiscal balance transfer as a whole, the entitlement to DBH is exactly offset by the inclusion of DBH as a negative item in the entitlement to DAU.
The sample was divided into three levels of approach, depending on the size of individuals, thus there are: Level I--To approach individuals with total height more than or equal to 10 cm and DBH less than 5 cm; Level II--To approach individuals with DBH more than or equal to 5 cm and less than 20 cm.