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This result indicated that by including DBH in the model to predict the equivalent log velocity, the value of R was equal to that obtained using only base logs.
In this study, DBH was measured only for trees infested with mistletoe.
Also, trees in Georgia were mostly old growth (most sampling being done in long standing reserves or parks), with large sizes (average DBH of sampled trees being 46.
Likewise its species diversity (for trees with a dbh >10 cm) is between terra firme (which is higher) and palm swamps (which is lower: Duivenvoorden, 1996).
In this study area, Rio Grande turkeys chose taller trees with a greater dbh and height to lowest live branch.
DBH usually operates fully serviced units - where everything including furniture is provided for the tenant - but Belasis is different.
Gap size, fraction, and dbh of gap makers between single-tree and multiple-tree gaps were analyzed with t-tests using each transect as an independent sample.
Current value was estimated to be $70,000 for cutting all trees over 12" dbh (diameter at breast height, 4-1/4 feet from ground level) at current prices.
Also recorded were the dbh of the largest stem (dbh hereafter), tree height, and number of stems more than five centimeters dbh.
Key to this substantial reduction was from a combination of superior DBH 90nm technology innovation combined with the state of art design from Eon.
2005), the mean radial growth increment (RGI) was calculated by the mean DBH divided by the age of the stand (age, 9 y).
The vegetation characteristics included the number and DBH (>24 mm) of stems by species, the number and DBH of snags, canopy cover, slope, elevation, and distance and direction to edge, road or building (if <300 m).