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dry-bulb temperature

The air temperature indicated by a dry-bulb thermometer after correction for the effects of radiation.
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Department of Fertilizers is in process to roll out DBT in fertilizer sector nationwide.
The study, to be presented by Charmi Vijapura of Harvard University's Massachusetts General Hospital, compared the rates of false positive exams between digital 2D mammography (DM) and DBT in the diagnostic setting in order to determine if there are differences in the mammographic findings that lead to false positive exams.
Rathus and Miller (2002) adapted DBT for use with adolescents who presented with suicidal and self-harming behaviors in an effort to promote the development of skills associated with emotion regulation.
DBT has been shown to increase detection of invasive cancers, but it does not pick up more ductal carcinoma in situ, Dr.
Preventive Services Task Force concluded that the current evidence was insufficient to assess whether adjunctive screening for breast cancer using breast ultrasonography, MRI, DBT, or other methods should be used in women with dense breasts.
Will the Modi government shelve DBT plans altogether?
Hence, saving from implementation of DBT cannot be correctly computed merely by reference to the total consumption in a year or the total expenditure on subsidy, they said.
although GE and Siemens Healthineers have also registered their presence by launching innovative DBT products at competitive prices.
28-30 July Nelson DBT Intensive Training Part 1 with Alan
However, DBT is a comprehensive and extensive treatment approach that is difficult to fully implement in the juvenile corrections milieu (Banks, Kuhn, & Blackford, 2015).
Part of the original impetus for the development of DBT came from observations made by Linehan concerning the limitations inherent in conventional cognitive-behavioral therapy--as they specifically applied to the treatment of parasuicidal individuals diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.