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I'm looking forward to continuing the strong base of work at DC3 and exploring ways to leverage our city and region's many assets to grow the creative economy.
The DC3 aircraft, the Royal KLM Dakota PHPBA was in service with the 8th Air Force during the Second World War.
8220;Being the first school in the northeast to receive the DC3 designation as a National Center of Digital Forensics Academic Excellence is an incredible honor,” Jonathan Rajewski, assistant professor and director of the Senator Patrick Leahy Center for Digital Investigation at Champlain College.
In 1939 90% of world airline passengers flew in DC3s.
As Data Centres of this scale command the highest level of service Node4 chose to equip the four data halls in their Wakefield DC3 with a total of 450 Rittal TS 8 Racks.
DANIEL and Olga shot the scene where they freefall out of a DC3 at Bodyflight, the world's largest skydiving wind tunnel in Bedford.
Only a Dakota DC3 was allowed to take off, while the Hurricane and Spitfire stayed behind in Kidderminster.
March 22 and 23 are the days designated for a fabulous insight into historic aviation, with the chance to fly in a DC3 Dakota or a classic Dragon Rapide and Dove.
DC3 and DG1 rotate into positions so that they can defend the zone areas--the most likely areas where pass receivers would go to escape the dribble trap in the deep corner.
As a partner with state and federal agencies, DC3 frequently provides cutting-edge decoding techniques and world-leading investigative expertise to uncover digital evidence.
We were taken on the famous DC3, better known as the Dako a, Skytrooper or Skytrain - the workhorse transport plane that towed gliders, dropped parachute troops and figured in battles.
nl, has been launched prior to an event being organised by KLM and Air France on 13 November 2006, to commemorate the arrival of the Douglas DC3 'Dakota'.