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Our customers will continue to be the real winners as they are getting incredible performance from this powerful DDR SDRAM memory technology.
Denali's Memory Modeler Advance Verification (MMAV) has proven itself in a wide variety of design flows as an effective tool for helping ASIC designers rapidly and accurately verify that their circuits achieve the highest performance with external memories like Micron's 400-Mbps DDR SDRAM.
This summit will provide an excellent opportunity for the industry, as a whole, to get an update on the rollout of DDR SDRAM and to get answers to all of their questions," said Desi Rhoden, president and CEO of AMI2 and chairman of the JEDEC board of directors.
DDR SDRAM will offer a superior solution and migration path from existing SDRAM designs due to its availability, pricing and overall market support.
The ML6554 implements Micro Linear's patented technology using an internal switching regulator to provide a line terminating voltage source within a 3% tolerance, and a reference voltage for the DDR SDRAM memory modules within a 1% tolerance.
SiliconTech's DDR SDRAM MonoStack components consist of two standard DDR SDRAM TSOPs (memory chips).
RDRAM is faster than both SDRAM and DDR SDRAM but comes with a price premium, resulting in PCs commanding about $100 more than similarly equipped non-RDRAM machines.
The ML530 G2 uses dual interleaved, DDR SDRAM for increased performance, as well as Advanced ECC technology for additional protection over ECC memory.
Royalty Rate Imposed for SDRAM and DDR SDRAM Devices and Controllers, No Effect on DDR2 SDRAM Devices or Controllers
The suite of solutions is comprised of free reference designs, detailed application notes and an evaluation board, to characterize and verify a 400 Mbps DDR SDRAM interface.
2GHz processors and robust I/O capability, this high-density 12x10-inch ATX form-factor platform offers the latest embedded computing technology including dual independent PCI-X busses, up to 12GBytes DDR SDRAM memory and advanced ServerWorks GC-LE chipset.