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4) At right, he demonstrates the DECstation 3100 in 1989.
The two companies will show an Alpha AXP workstation configured with Digital's ATM TURBOchannel adapter, and a DECstation 5000 with an Ethernet adapter communicating across a Digital ATM switch, a SynOptics LattisCell ATM switch, and a SynOptics EtherCell ATM switch.
The initial modeling was done with VolVis, VolPack/ vprender, and GL Ware programs on a DECstation 3100 computer.
1 is now available on the DECstation running Ultrix 4.
1 tape includes three reference implementations for the following architectures: Intel 302 (80386 based), Digital DECstation 3100 (MIPS based); and the Encore Multimax (National Semiconductor based).
Versions for other MATLAB platforms, including Macintosh, HP 700 series, Silicon Graphics, IBM RISCsystem/6000, Digital DECstation Ultrix, Alpha OSF/1 and VAX/VMS will become available later this year.
Sun SPARC -- SunOS and Solaris -- Compaq (Digital) Alpha -- OpenVMS, UNIX, Windows NT -- HP 9000 -- HP-UX -- IBM RS/6000 -- AIX -- Silicon Graphics -- IRIX -- DEC VAX and DECstation -- OpenVMS/VMS, Ultrix -- Data General Aviion (88/Open) -- DG/UX -- Intel PC (x86) -- SCO, Linux, Solaris, Windows NT
The S+SDK is available immediately for UNIX platforms including SUN Sparc, IBM R/S 6000, Hewlett-Packard 9000-700, Silicon Graphics IRIS, DECstation and DEC Alpha/OSF (Digital Unix).
Among them was a 1991 contract with the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority for the largest and most ambitious information technology project ever undertaken in Cyprus: an $8 million investment in 35 Digital VAX/VMS computer systems, 300 DECstation 320 personal computers, and services.
Shipping in the Fall, this release of the company's award-winning graphics program will provide support for the following UNIX platforms: Sun SPARCStation, Hewlett Packard 9000 Series 400 and 700, IBM RS/6000, Santa Cruz Operation's SCO Open Desktop, Digital Equipment Corporation's DECstation 5000, Silicon Graphics Indigo, SunSoft Solaris 1.
11 -- DEC Alpha Digital UNIX, OpenVMS and MS Windows NT -- DECstation Ultrix -- Hitachi HI-UX -- HP 9000/700, 800 HP/UX and NEXTSTEP -- IBM RS/6000 AIX and OS/2 Warp -- NeXT NEXTSTEP -- Motorola 88000 SVR4 -- NCR SVR4 and UNIX -- NeXT NEXTSTEP -- Novell UnixWare -- PowerPC Windows NT and AIX -- SCO UNIX and Solaris -- Silicon Graphics Irix -- Stratus I860 FTX -- Sun SPARC Sun OS, Solaris and NEXTSTEP
MigrateNow is another transition program for Applicon users to trade in hardware for the latest VAXstation and DECstation hardware.