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USACE has invited full public participation to encourage open communication on the issues around the DEIS.
Not a single agency noted the failure of the DEIS to include an analysis of the impacts of a catastrophic spill or to propose using an acoustic control system to prevent a blowout.
The Navy remains intent on deploying the LFAS into every ocean ecosystem on Earth, even though its DEIS was widely pilloried as the worst impact statement ever seen.
At the public hearings on the DEIS, opposition to road improvement and paving was overwhelming.
Gerry Kerr, Glasnevin Branch, demanded Mr Quinn apologise for the DEIS "fiasco" and for the "stroke of his pen" that increased the pupil teacher ratio from 15: 1 to 25:1.
The DEIS states that building the new pipeline would result in a "major reduction of petroleum products shipping on Puget Sound and the Washington coast," as well as a significant reduction of barging of product up the Columbia River.
Other alternatives in the DEIS include one to take no action; a proposal from Tusayan business interests, which also want to develop national forest land; and an option to construct just a shuttle staging area and housing for the park and forest services on Forest Service land.
The DEIS, which is the result of substantial and ongoing interagency review of the environmental impacts associated with the construction and operation of the port, demonstrates that the project is needed, the location is safe, and the impacts to the environment are minimal.
She added: "Critically, the observed reduction or levelling off is not happening in DEIS or disadvantaged schools, and this has implications for all.
The plaintiffs, which include local residents, community groups and businesses will convene in a September 9 Supreme Court hearing and are seeking to impose an injunction on the city's approval process for the development until a complete DEIS is issued and resubmitted for public review.
With the issuance of the DEIS, Vector remains targeted for an in-service date of December 1999.
Hope Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for printing, advancing the document toward publication of a Notice of Availability (NOA) of the DEIS in the Federal Register.