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The demands for screen printing accuracy and overall print quality are tougher than ever, as circuit boards continue to become more complex and more densely populated with components," said John Hartner, Managing Director of DEK International.
Partnering with nimble specialists in their fields is a fundamental aspect of DEK's flat and focused business model," said Richard Heimsch, President of DEK International.
DEK president Michael Brianda, said : 'This new DEK Solar Suzhou Technology Centre has been years in the making and its significance should not be underestimated.
Over the past several years, DEK has made tremendous market share gains, and I believe this is a direct result of our ability to deliver unrivaled process expertise, superior products and of course outstanding customer service.
The DEK acquisition is the perfect fit for us," said Gunter Lauber, CEO of ASM SMT Solutions.
By combining the uniqueness and exceptional quality of DEQ's table bonusing products, fruit of a real engagement in innovation, along with customer recognition and efficiency of our distribution channels, DEK is the leading provider of table bonusing products in our territories", stated Jean-Paul Sabini, Chief Executive Officer of DEK International.
As a result, we do not expect extra dividends from either Eastern RAO or DEK.
The deal remains pursuant to approval from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and the board of DEK subsidiary DTG Shenzhen, which is also being acquired.
DARREN BROWN is business development manager, alternative energies at DEK International (dek.
MINNEAPOLIS -- CyberOptics Corporation (Nasdaq: CYBE) today announced that its CWA30 optical alignment systems, developed in conjunction with DEK Solar, will be deployed on DEK's new Eclipse Metallization Line.
Dubai's Media One Hotel has appointed Stephen Mannin as manager of THE DEK on 8.
The unit includes DEK, Everett-Charles Technologies, Markem, Multitest and OK International, among others.