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Founded in 1976 as the Data Entry Management Association, it later changed its name to the Association for Input Technology and Management. In 1993, it merged with TAWPI.



a river in the Bashkir ASSR and partly in Orenburg Oblast, RSFSR. It empties from the left into the Belaia River (of the Kama River basin) at the city of Ufa. The Dema is 535 km long and drains an area of 12,800 sq km. It originates on the northern slopes of the Obshchii Syrt. Its valley is wide and its course, winding. In its lower reaches there are numerous channels and oxbow lakes. The mean annual flow rate at the mouth is 35 cubic meters per second. The city of Davlekanovo is located on the river.

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DEMA Group manufactures components and assemblies for commercial and military aircraft, helicopters and space vehicles.
With more than 1,400 members, this non-profit, global organization promotes scuba diving through consumer awareness programs and media campaigns such as the national Be a Diver campaign ; diver retention initiatives such as DiveCaching; and an annual trade-only event for businesses in the scuba diving, action watersports and adventure/dive-travel industries, DEMA Show.
We're extremely excited to be introducing this to the diving and snorkeling community," said Tom Ingram, Executive Director of DEMA.
A great majority of Florida Gulf Coastal waters are clear, clean and oil free and most of the area in the Gulf region is 'open for business' for scuba diving, snorkeling and other water-sports activities," stated Tom Ingram, Executive Director of DEMA.
DEMA, the Diving Equipment & Marketing Association, is an international organization dedicated to the promotion and growth of the recreational scuba diving and snorkeling industry.
Experienced members of the DEMA Education team deliver the course.
As DEMA and FEMA continue to partner in Hurricane Sandy recovery, additional funding will be forthcoming following state and federal review and approval.
DEMA is conducting an EU-Tender, open procedure to conclude an agreement for the delivery of 4 fire-engines built onto chassis~ delivered by DEMA.
Artificial reefs provide the opportunity to increase nature based eco-tourism and scuba diving tourism," stated Tom Ingram, the Executive Director of DEMA.
com, as well as Mark Krieger, President of UniPress Software, and Eric Rabinowitz, President of DEMA Education (a leading help desk and support education company in the US).
UniPress has also partnered with DEMA Education, a highly experienced training and education organization, to offer courses that combine certified curriculum from HDI and other industry-backed sources.
SEMA Show 2006 and DEMA Show 2006 set to maximize attendee experience