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Microsoft is pleased to have Gizmox join the VSIP program and add more depth to enterprise Web applications with AJAX, DHTML or Silverlight as their presentation layer," said Joe Marini, director of the Development Tools Ecosystem team at Microsoft Corp.
To learn more about OpenLaszlo and to see a live demonstration of a sample OpenLaszlo application being run on both Flash and DHTML, visit http://www.
But since then, DHTML has evolved as an open standard and is now a viable alternative to Flash to run many OpenLaszlo applications.
Writing desktop applications using the same web standards like Java[TM], AJAX, DHTML, Flash, and PHP is exciting for developers.
Instead of clicking on links and downloading new Web pages, DHTML allows users to view actionable information and analysis options without leaving the screen.
OmniForm is the first forms product to take advantage of the Absolute Positioning offered by the emerging DHTML standard and fully supports the new Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) Internet Explorer 5.
We're excited to be the first to deploy DHTML in the Extra space.
Software Features PhotoAnimator and DHTML Positioning
These rich Internet applications make heavy use of scripting, and developers often improvise hybrids of existing technologies, including AJAX, DHTML, JavaScript, and SVG.
The latest version of the popular QuarkXPress to HTML conversion and Web authoring software will feature DHTML (Dynamic HTML) positioning and include Extensis PhotoAnimator(TM), a robust GIF animation tool.
Multiple GUI development technologies such as DHTML, Flash and Java are fully supported while comprehensive management and configuration tools allow fast integration with leading IPTV service platforms.
com provides a single place for developers to keep up with them all, whether they are interested in HTML, DHTML, or XML," explained Bill Gollan, Senior Vice President, developer.