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double-hung window, double-hung sash window

double-hung window: terminology
A window having two vertically sliding sashes, each closing a different part of the window; the weight of each sash is counterbalanced for ease of opening and closing.
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Current DHW loop simulation results show optimal plant settings can reduce pumping power by 27 [+ or -] 42% of the current pumping power if automatic controls are used.
However, in connection with the proposed transaction with DHW, the NASDAQ Stock Market ("NASDAQ") granted the company's request for the financial viability exception to its stockholder approval requirements.
Other measurements include part-load tests during which the call for heat or the DHW flow is cycled on and off according to a determined pattern.
DHW will convey to the company, free and clear of all liens and encumbrances, the title to all furniture, fixtures and equipment subject to financing lease arrangements between the company and DHW.
A total of four pumps were used in this system: one to circulate hot water to the DHW tank, one to circulate hot water through the buffer tank or primary loop, and two to circulate hot water to the space heating zones.
Water was heated in the hydrobox and circulated by a build-in pump to the water coil in the DHW tank (Model: EKHWS080BA3VJU) and/or the coil in the air handler.
The best part about these walks -- apart from getting a chance to look at old structures with an intelligent eye -- is the way Kanika and other leaders narrate the stories of these monuments," says Manisha Sharma, 35, an environment consultant who, after being a part of all DHW walks, now goes for only the unique ones.
In our case the solar collectors can be backed up by electrical or gaseous heater, as it is shown in the diagram of building's experimental DHW system in Fig.
0m outstanding shares of common stock held by DHW which will result in a change of control of the company.
For its new Idaho Benefits Eligibility System, the DHW ultimately selected an eligibility system from Accenture called C-IV--originally built for a group of California countries--based largely on its ease of customization, ease of use and easy learning curve, as well as to minimize implementation costs and risks.
Maximal heating capacity demand of consumers at designed lowest outdoor temperature is 1,8 MW, and average total consumer's heat demand for DHW supply is 0,13 MW.
The transfer is to take place by placing these parts of the undertaking in a limited liability company (GmbH), to be newly established for the purpose (DDSG Hafen Wien GmbH, or DHW), and transferring this DHW to the City of Vienna.