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double-hung window, double-hung sash window

double-hung window: terminology
A window having two vertically sliding sashes, each closing a different part of the window; the weight of each sash is counterbalanced for ease of opening and closing.
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In winter, the space-heating HP and the DHW supply HP decreased soil temperature surrounding the GHXs.
DHW also organises customised walks for families, expats, photographers, architects and corporates
The IBES is a modern, comprehensive integrated eligibility system that the DHW can easily maintain and update.
Other consumers having higher demand receive heat sufficient for warming-up DHW to sanitary norms (above 53 [degrees]C) during the daytime, and only early morning heating might be insufficient.
The data analysis to rate the DHW draw follows the methodology published by DOE (1998) for storage tank-type heat pump water heaters.
Both systems were set up to capture total energy input to the heating system (gas and electricity), total heat output to the conditioned space, output to each heating zone, and output for DHW generation.
About Macnica DHW Macnica DHW started off originally as DHW, a Design Services company, in 2006.
The former was a comprehensive investigation of DHW system performance, configuration loop design, and energy savings from control technologies in a limited number of buildings.
DHW has transferred to the company, free and clear of all liens and encumbrances, the title to all furniture, fixtures and equipment subject to financing lease arrangements between the company and DHW.
Factors influencing DHW performance include: diversity of use and schedule, plant equipment, control schemes, and loop characteristics.
The transaction includes a unique feature that allows the company to buy back a portion of the shares issued to DHW if the common stock has significant appreciation during the first year following the closing.