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(1) See data interchange format.

(2) (Data Interchange Format) A standard file format for spreadsheet and other data structured in row and column form. Originally developed for VisiCalc, DIF is now under Lotus' jurisdiction.

(3) (Display Information Facility) An IBM System/38 program that let users build custom programs for online access to data.

(4) (Document Interchange Format) A file standard developed by the U.S. Navy in 1982.

(5) (Dual In-line Flatpack) A type of surface mount DIP with pins extending horizontally outward.
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There are several options available to the FDIC for funding the DIF.
In the next step, difwithpar creates a new dataset, treating items identified with DIF separately in the groups analyzed.
Fewer patients in the DIF group needed antihypertensive medication vs.
As a part of the DIF analyses, a set of items, called anchor items, are used to equate the two groups and to establish an individual's level on the underlying continuum.
To expedite this process, DIF managers formed an OD team comprised of respected members from each region of the state to reflect the entire system.
DIF president Mr Gordon Summerfield said: "Dairy farmers have a right to know why Milk Marque wants to invest millions of pounds of their money in new plant only a few years after they met the bill for a pounds 134million capacity reduction programme, pa rticularly since milk volumes have not changed as a result of quotas.
However, he stresses that DIF contributes to a multivendor environment that will benefit all parties.
Iliev and Angelchev can halt such deals or declare them null and void in case they consider the transactions harm the interests of the state and the DIF in particular.
The festival will comprise a series of webinars, videos and live streaming, produced by the University, which feed into the programme - available via the DIF website.
In 2009, the DIF recognized approximately $58 billion in estimated losses from 140 bank failures with combined assets of over $170 billion, and other insured institutions the banking regulators believe are likely to fail.
BSP said that the Monetary Board (MB) has not made a decision on the loan request, implying that the PDIC was unlikely to get an approval as it had substantial balance on its DIF, or funds from insurance premium paid by banks.