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Data parallel superset of C.


["The DINO Parallel Programming Language", M. Rosing et al, J Parallel Dist Comp 13(9):30-42 (Sep 1991)].

["DINO Parallel Programming Language", M. Rosing et al, CU-CS-457-90, U Colorado, April 1990].
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He also added that the Dino will not be a budget Ferrari, and that the company will not follow the path set by many of its rivals and chase volume.
She moved to LA to fulfil her dream of becoming an actress and that's where she met multi-millionaire Dino.
Power Rangers Dino Charge will bring fans an action-filled story packed with all-new monsters, villains, weapons, and of course, Power Rangers," said Elie Dekel, President of Saban Brands.
Dino cannot tell that to the cops, as the two were doing some illegal business.
In Monaco, where it's wall-to-wall Rollers, Bugattis and Lamborghinis, the little silver Dino shone out.
Chris Routledge, of auctioneers Coys, said: "A Dino offered at no reserve is rare enough in itself but when one adds to this proven long-term ownership by rock 'n' roll aristocracy, the Keith Richards car has to be the ultimate Dino.
The court did not agree with the arguments from Allah Dino and dismissed his petition against the EC decision about his disqualification.
Turkish Council General in Paris Turgut Kural, writers Nedim Gursel E[currency]eyhmuz and Timur Muhiddin, Turkey expert Pierre Cheyin Dino family relatives and many other lovers gathered to bid farewell to GE-zin Dino.
Bipasha tagged along Dino, whom she dated for few years, as she wanted to share this moment with him.
Call centre manager Kelly was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago and had chemotherapy before moving to Madeira, where she met hospital technician Dino.
WE'VE teamed up with the guys at Thinktank to bring you this fantastic KIDS GO FREE OFFER TO DINO JAWS This summer holiday, visit Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum and explore the fascinating diet and dining habits of dinosaurs in the amazing Dino Jaws Exhibition.